Why I Believe in Personal Immortality (1928)


From the Publisher:

“…I know how weighty the word “fact” is in science, and I say without hesitation that individual
personal continuance is to me a demonstrated fact.  This conviction has been reached through
a study of obscure human faculty not yet recognized by orthodox science, and apparently not approved as a rule by Theologians. It is permissible therefore, and perhaps even obligatory, to give from time to time some excuse or apologia for my steady perseverance in the enquiry, and my assured conviction about the results.”


-A Cosmic View of Life and Mind;
-The Seven Propositions;
-The Case for Psychical Research;
-An Illustrative chapter of some psychical phenomena: Clairvoyance, Prevision, Psychometry,
-Conversations, Oracles;
-Methods of communication, or thoughts on Mediumship;
-Can it be possible to communicate with the Death?
-The Prospect: A brief Summary

Author: Lodge, Sir Oliver FRS,DSc.  

TITLE: Why I Believe in Personal Immortality  

Format: Hardcover, 151 pgs.

Copyright: 1928  

Publisher: Cassell & Co.Ltd., London  

Condition: Used  

Subject: Life after death  

Notes Gen: First Edition. Third printing.

Notes Used: Good only, cover has some rubbing and shelfwear; tanned pages from age; but text is untouched,

Weight: 1 lb.

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