Voices from Other Lives: Reincarnation as a Source of Healing



From the Publisher:

“Not since The Search for Bridey Murphy has there been a book about reincarnation to match the excitement of this one.  In a remarkable series of hypnotic encounters with his patients, hypnotherapist Dethlefsen has reached beyond Freudian theory, to discover the connection between present neuroses and trauma from prior existences. Through hypnosis, the author put his patients in touch with long-buried incidents their conscious minds would not allow them knowledge of--episodes from previous lives.

"…Through actual dialogues between therapist and hypnotized patient, we bear witness to the dramatic, sometimes terrifying, revelations from the past that entrap these patients—voices from other lives which, once listened to, bring release from the grip of neurosis.

"Dethlefsen’s work breaks new ground not only by linking the fields of psychology and reincarnation, but by showing us that in the full understanding of the human soul lies the key to the health of the body and mind.”

Author: Dethlefsen, Thorwald  

TITLE: Voices from Other Lives:  Reincarnation as a Source of Healing  

Format: Hardcover, dust jacket, 235 pgs.

Copyright: 1977  

Publisher: M. Evans & Company, Inc.  

Condition: Used  

Subject: Reincarnation  

Notes Gen: First American Edition. Translated from  German

Notes Used: Very Good copy in good jacket; some chipping on edges.

Weight: 2 lbs.

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