UFOs, Prophecy and the End of Time

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From the Publisher:

“Is this Mankind’s Final Wake-up Call?”

-Terrorism in America
-Violence overseas
-War in the Middle East
-Natural Disasters Worldwide
-Man versus Nature
-Religious Jihad and Unholy perversion of the Church

"...but perhaps most important, and also most ignored, the widespread appearance of UFOs, and the abduction of humans by what may well be the “Gods of Old”.  As chaos and confusion surround us and the human race looks for a “quick solution” to its mounting problems, many turn either to organized religion or to “fringe science” for moral comfort and spiritual support. Yet, the author says that we should seek solutions in both areas, “as both the Bible and the UFO phenomenon are inseparably related and represent a form of divine revelation from the Heavenly Ones On High, who themselves determine the moment they make the truth of their existence and presence known to the world in general.”

 It is no coincidence that with the alarming rise in global crises there has also been a dramatic increase in the presence of unknown craft, particularly in the region of the Holy Land where prophetic events continue to unfold daily.

Drawing from Biblical prophecy and reliable Ufological sources, this book will have you glued to your seat as the author takes you past today’s headlines into the immediate future—which is sure to affect us all.

Author: Casteel, Sean  

TITLE: UFOs, Prophecy and the End of Time  

Format: Softbound Large, 140 pgs.

Copyright: 2003  

Publisher: Inner Light Publications  

Condition: New  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: First Edition

Notes Used: n/a

Weight: 2 lbs.

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