UFO: The Continuing Enigma - Quest for the Unknown


From the Editors:

“Strange objects in the Sky have been seen all over the world since the dawn of recorded history. These sightings are often reported, not by dreamers or charlatans, but by ordinary, sensible people, going about their business. Frightened and perplexed by their experiences,
They are generally more embarrassed to relate them than they are eager for publicity.
Numerous theories have been put forth by way of explanation—some suggesting that extraterrestrial spacecraft are literal realities, others claiming that such phenomena are produced by the vast and unexplored powers of the human mind, still others holding that people who think they have seen flying saucers are mentally unstable. ….

..”This Volume explores the latest findings of a wide range of experts in every relevant field, from Meteorology to aeronautics. In all these areas, new ideas are being examined every day,
and these investigations may eventually force us to expand our horizons and change some of our long-held beliefs. In the meantime, the best we can do is study the facts with an open mind.
We must avoid the intellectual dead end of assuming that a particular phenomenon cannot exist simply because our present knowledge is incapable of explaining it.”

TITLE: UFO: The Continuing Enigma - Quest for the Unknown  

Author: Reader's Digest  

Format: Large Hardcover, 144 pgs.

Copyright: 1991  

Publisher: DK Dorling Kindersley Books  

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Subject: UFO  

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