UFO Insiders: Cosmic Top Secret (4 DVD Set)


From the Producer:

“Retired command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean is considered one of the most important witnesses today of government involvement with extraterrestrials.  As a former intelligence Analyst for the military, Sergeant Major Dean had direct access to a Top Secret study conducted by NATO in the 1960s called ‘An Assessment.’ It was given the highest classification that NATO had which was, and still is, COSMIC TOP SECRET.  In an effort to inform the public about extraterrestrial life and our government’s connection, Robert Dean came together with UFO researchers and authors for a thought provoking discourse on the question of alien life, and the implications of an alien presence here on Earth. This series of programs is the result of that historic event and compelling, wide-ranging discussion, and features the following contributors:

“Neil Freer - The New Human Stepping into Interstellar Society

Philip Krapf – A Journalist’s Encounter with Aliens

Michael Mannion: Project Mindshift: Reconnecting with the Cosmos”


TITLE: UFO Insiders: Cosmic Top Secret [Special Edition 4 DVD Set]

Format: DVD, 360 min.

Copyright: 2005

Producer: UFOTV

Condition: New

Weight: 1 lb