UFO Hunters: The Complete Season 1

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From the Publisher:

“They look to the stars, to the earth and within the human body. Their determination, attitude, and methodologies stand strong against ridicule and disbelief. Passionate about separating fact from fallacy, they are the UFO research elite…they are the UFO HUNTERS. Join in on the hunt with HISTORY to follow a group of researchers as they open their files and investigate UFO cases and crash sites in search of physical evidence of UFOs and alien life forms.

“Episodes include: The UFO before Roswell; USOs; Abductions; Crash and Retrieval; Military vs. UFOs; COPS vs. UFOS; Reverse Engineering; UFO Vortexes; Alien Contact; Invasion Texas 2008; UFO dogfights; Code Red; The NASA Files.”


TITLE: UFO Hunters: The Complete Season 1 [13 Episodes/4 DVD]

Format: DVD, 611 min.

Copyright: 2008

Producer: History Channel

Condition: New

Weight: 1 lb

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