UFO: Evaluating the Evidence

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From the Publisher:

Take and objective look at the recurring sightings of unidentified flying objects, and the official  investigations and evaluation of those sightings with UFO.  Dozens of case histories are documented, from regional reports of strange lights and shapes in the sky, to firsthand accounts of mysterious spacecraft encountered at various places around the world. Ongoing studies by governments, Universities, and independent researchers have failed to explain many of the most puzzling cases.  Who or what to believe?

Features in this incisive investigation include:
  • More than 100 illustrations, including photographs, maps and eyewitness sketches
  • An overview of the history of UFO observation
  • Military and government interest in UFOs
  • Exposes of discredited and infamous cases
  • Evaluations of official reports—then and now—on the Roswell Incident

Author:   Yenne, Bill 

TITLE:    UFO: Evaluating the Evidence: An objective study of unexplained phenomena, based on the testimony expert witnesses

Format:   Hardcover, Large, Dust Jacket, 160 pgs.

Copyright:  2007 

Publisher:  Gramercy Books 

Condition:  New 

Subject:     UFO 

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