Transformation: The Breakthrough

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From the Publisher:

“Author of ‘Communion’ asks: Do the visitors represent a force that has been with mankind throughout history? Has it played an absolutely central role in altering the human culture? Has a conscious force emerged from the unknown as the single, most powerful instrument of change in history? Transformation is a journey from the secret depth of the mind to the secret depths of the Universe; a story of fear and courage and the final, triumphant breakthrough that may lead at last to real understanding. Communion was only the beginning.”

“The visitors are sweeping up from where we buried them, under layers of denial and false assurance, to deliver what is truly a message from beyond: There is something more to us and our Universe, and it is rich with the potential of the unknown.  They have caused me to slough of my old view of the world like the dismal skin that it was, and seek a completely new vision of this magnificent, mysterious, and fiercely alive Universe.” - Whitley Strieber


Author: Strieber, Whitley

TITLE: Transformation: The Breakthrough

Format: Hardcover, dust jacket, 256pg

Copyright: 1988

Publisher: Beech Tree Books

Condition: New

Subject: UFO

Weight: 2 lbs.

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