The UFO Encyclopedia: A comprehensive A-to-Z guide to the UFO Phenomenon

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From the Publisher:

Never before has there been a reference book of UFOs as objective or thorough as The UFO Encyclopedia—the most comprehensive work on the subject ever compiled. Spanning the entire spectrum of UFOlogy, from ancient times to the present, the 600 entries are alphabetically arranged and cross-referenced throughout.

Within these pages you will find: A chronology of major sightings; classic domestic and foreign observations of UFOs; various Explanations and interpretations of the phenomena; national and international governmental Involvements—and cover-ups in UFO research and investigations; definitions of ufological terms; lists of organizations and periodicals; explanatory illustrations, charts, and diagrams of the most commonly reported UFOs; fully annotated UFO photographs; contactees, abductions and famous witnesses.

Author: Sachs, Margaret  

TITLE:  The UFO Encyclopedia:  A comprehensive A-to-Z guide to the UFO Phenomenon, including over 500 entries on Worldwide sightings, Photographs, Abductions, Ancient Astronauts, Ufologists, Contactees, Celebrity witnesses, Organizations, Publications, and Government Research.

Format: Softbound, 408 pgs.

Copyright: 1980  

Publisher: Putnam's Sons  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: First Edition. Out of Print.

Notes Used:  Good copy; some creases at bottom of front and back cover edges. Text nice and clean. Spine is OK--no creases. Great book!

Weight: 3 lbs.

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