The Search for the Crystal Skulls

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From the Producer:

“Enter the Astonishing world of the Crystal Skulls!” with Oriental studies scholar  Dr. J.J. Hurtak,  author and explorer David H. Childress, historian and archaeologist Stephen Mehler, and current custodian of the famous Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull Bill Homann, join in a mind-blowing quest for some answers to the enigmas of crystal skulls worldwide. In a series of information-packed interviews, you will enter the bizarre world of crystal skulls-solid crystal and solid–state receivers and transmitters of psychic energy and ultra-advanced laser technology.

"Crystal is one of the most fascinating substances in nature. The crystalline structure lends itself uniquely to various adaptations, including information storage; and crystal technologies are at the cutting edge of advancements in nanotechnology and computing.

"Crystal skulls are one of the most intriguing enigmas in History, Archaeology, and Metaphysical Science.  Does the fact that they are carved from crystal enable them to store information and interact with human thought waves? There is a lot of evidence to suggest this is so.

"A great companion in your search for the Crystal Skulls! Contain bonus material including the exclusive “crystal skull meditation.”


TITLE: The Search for the Crystal Skulls

Format: DVD, 75 min.

Copyright: 2008

Producer: Adventures Unlimited

Condition: New

Weight: 1 lb

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