The Return of Planet-X and its Effects on Mother Earth

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Wormwood: “And the name of the star was Wormwood…” Revelation 8:11

“Mankind’s Ongoing Legacy with A Brown Dwarf Star”

"Planet-X, a Brown Dwarf Star, returns from its 3,600 year orbital cycle around the Sun to terrorize Earth once again.

“In 1982  NASA itself officially recognized the possibility of this legendary planet X, with an announcement that some sort of mystery object was really out there—far beyond the outermost planets. This NASA statement appears to confirm those ancient 6,000 year old Sumerian pictographic descriptions of our parent Solar system, containing at least one more planet the Sumerians called “Nibiru”—which means “Planet of the Crossing. 

"Since then NASA has been rather quiet about X, which suggests that something quite mysterious, may yet be out there lurking in our collective future. All the indicators are now in place to confirm X’s existence and only time will tell approaching (2009/2012), if the Sumerians, Mayas and Aztecs were indeed correct!”

Author: Rand, Jaysen Q., PhD  

TITLE: The Return of Planet-X and its Effects on Mother Earth ~A Natural Disaster Survivor’s Manual~  

Format: Large Softbound, 341 pgs.

Copyright: 2007  

Publisher: Future World Publishing International  

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Subject:  Ancient Astronauts/Prophecy  

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