The Forgotten Mission: The Return

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ROSWELL, NM July 1947. How many people really know what happened on that eventful night?
Have the events from that night really paved the way for technology to be where it is today?

Scott Salvador had no idea his whole life had been written before he even got chance to live it. Twenty one years after the Roswell incident, Scott was the newest employee at NASA, working on the next Apollo Mission. His job, or so he thought, was to write a computer program for the next planned launch, to put a man on the moon. Unbeknown to Scott was the S.I.S. (secret Intelligence Service) had it all planned out, the job, the apartment, the lifestyle and his whole life that awaited him deep within a secret organisation that only a select few had the privilege to work for.

Events he knew nothing about from the past will shatter his naivety yet open his mind to what is really going on under our noses. Scott’s inquisitive nature had lead him to a point of no return. Having nowhere to go, he was trapped within an unknown world of conspiracies and espionage with no way to escape.

The primary mission of Apollo 11, to take a man to the moon! Or so we thought! The real mission had been in the planning for years and it had involved Scott from the very beginning. He just didn't know it!

Scott Salvador is about to embark on a mission he may never return from! Is he ready for what lies ahead?

Only time will tell…

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