The Flying Saucer - A Fantasy-Thriller

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From the Publisher:

Timid readers can rest assured that in this book, Bernard Newman is not predicting an attack from Mars. Still, in the past he has been uncomfortably accurate in his guesses about the future.  One of his books described the air attack on Pantelleria, two years before it happened, and another forecast the atomic bomb 3 years before it was used. From another, Hitler got the idea of his panzer divisions, and still another has been used as a text book in the Russian army. Mr. Newman consistently forecast not only the German attack on Russia, but the character of the Russia resistance.

A combination of science-fiction thriller, witty satire, and telling comment of the world affairs, this novel will appeal to thousands who want something stimulating and entirely different to read: The inhabitants of Mars threatened to annihilate the Earth, unless it agreed to forfeit its entire supply of gold. What the people didn’t know was that the commotion was all a gigantic hoax, master-minded by a handful of the best brains of the world and backed by hard cash (in dollars of course).

When he is not predicting the shape of things to come, this grandnephew of George Eliot, and cousin of Maurice Evans, lives through enough adventures to fill several life times. A man of terrifying energy, he has traveled over at least 4 continents, making acute observations on each.

Author: Newman, Bernard  

TITLE: The Flying Saucer - A Fantasy-Thriller

Format: Hardcover, Dust Jacket, 250 pgs.

Copyright: 1950  

Publisher: The Macmillan Company  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO novel

Notes Gen: 1st. American Edition.

Notes Used: First to use "Flying Saucer" in its tittle; Very good in fair jacket. Dust jacket worn and slightly soiled, with chips and tears at the edges. Mylar protected.

Weight: 2 lbs.

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