The Expanding Case for the UFO

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From the craters of the Moon, from the jungle-hidden cities of pre-history; from the world’s scattered Pygmy tribes; and from the columns of yesterday’s newspaper, comes new and thought-provoking evidence for the existence of Space Life.

Is our Moon really a dead planet, devoid of any kind of life? Evidence noticed by skilled astronomers, over a period of more than three hundred years, and here collected and interpreted for the first time, suggests that it is not.  Strange flashes of light, craters that appear and disappear, and intriguing geometrical patterns such as Gruithuisen’s City and Madler’s “square”, seems to point inexorably toward life and intelligence. Can the Moon be a base for UFO activity? Mr. Jessup thinks it is and presents a wealth of historical data to support his belief.

He marshalls additional evidence along this line, in his study of the world’s Pygmy tribes, so widely dispersed, yet so similar in traditions. The tiny passageways on the gold mines of Zimbabwe, the 47-inch-high chambers in the Great Pyramid, the little steps leading up to the “Great Inca throne” at Sacsahuaman, and the persistent contemporary newspaper reports of “little men” from flying saucers are all pieces in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, that may give us a new picture of the Earth’s past-and future.

Author: Jessup, Morris K., Editor  

TITLE: The Expanding Case for the UFO

Format: Hardcover, Dust Jacket, 253 pgs.

Copyright: 1957  

Publisher: Citadel Press, N.Y  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

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Notes Used: Out of Print. First Edition. Good copy in good dj. DJ has light water stains at upper front, and some chips and wear & tears at edges and bottom; text nice and clean.

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