The Ether Ship Mystery and its Solution: Flaying Discs

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From the Publisher:

“Prefatory Note:

“No attempt is made in the following pages to ‘prove’ the objective and factual existence of the ‘flying discs’ and other strange sky-craft, since on this point there is no longer any doubt. On account of the great variety in shape, color and behavior of these flying objects, a generic name is needed.  The term Ether Ships or Ether Craft has been adopted, since it indicates the true nature and origin of all these diversified phenomena.

"The Borderland Science Research Associates do not constitute or represent any cult, organization or special interest.  They are free lance investigators of phenomena with which ‘official’ science, for one reason or another, does not deal.  The material contained in this booklet is believed to be of great importance and is presented as a public service, and the Association welcomes the cooperation of persons sympathetic with their attitude and objectives.  A further memorandum concerning BSR activities will be found at the end of the booklet.”

Author: Layne,M.A., Meade  

TITLE: The Ether Ship Mystery and its Solution: Flaying Discs  

Format: Softbound, 36 pgs.

Copyright: 1950  

Publisher: Borderland Science Research  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: Out of print. Scarce.

Notes Used: Fair condition; cover is soiled with some wear and tear. Text slightly tanned but untouched.

Weight: 1 lb.

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