The Complete Book of Outer Space


From the Publisher:


A preview of the future—introduction; Development of the space ships by Willy Ley, Station in Space by Dr. Werner Von Braun; Space medicine y Dr. Heinz Haber; Space suits By Dr. Donald Menzel; the High Altitude program by Robert P. Haviland; History of the Rocket Engine by James H. Wyld; Legal aspects of space travel by Oscar Schacter; Explotation of the Moon by Hugo Gernsback; Life beyond the Earth by Willy Ley; Interstellar flight by Dr. Leslie R. Shephard; The spaceship in science fiction by Jeffrey Logan; Plea for a coordinated space program by Dr. Werner Von Braun; The Flying Saucer Myth by Jeffrey Logan, etc.

Author: Jerry Mason, publisher; Jeffrey Logan, Editor  

TITLE: The Complete Book of Outer Space  
Plus “The Flying Saucer Myth”, space-travel timetables, space dictionary

Format: Softbound, 144 pg.

Copyright: 1953  

Publisher: MACO Magazine Corporation  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: Out of print.  

Notes Used: Good copy; magazine format. Cover tired; has rubbing , creases at corners, some tear and wear; pages are tanned by age; but the text in clean and OK.

Weight: 1 lb.

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