Star Gods: Clone Masters of the Universe

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“Human Cloning may soon be a Reality despite campaigns by Theologians & Politicians to outlaw such practices…But we may be a little late—by millions of years—if the truth were really known!”

“We are about to experience an explosion of awareness!”

“In this thrilling new release, the author offers compelling proof that genetic engineers from another solar system have deliberately altered our DNA, interfered with the evolutionary progress of Homo Sapiens, and are about to do so once again.  Consequently, we are about to see an unparalleled advancement in technology, science, medicine and the arts—perhaps by the early part of the next millennium!”

Author: Steiger, Brad  

TITLE: Star Gods: Clone Masters of the Universe: Is Earth a vast Cosmic Laboratory for Genetic engineering by Extraterrestrials?  

Format: Softbound Large, 158 pgs.

Copyright: 1997  

Publisher: Inner Light Publications  

Condition: New  

Subject: UFO  

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