Sacred Sites of the West: A Guide to Mystical Centers

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The Great Pyramid of Egypt. Britain's Stonehenge. The Acropololis at Athens. These are the places people generally think of when sacred sites are mentioned. But it is not necessary to travel overseas or to only the most famous sites for a personal, mystical experience at a spiritually charged spot of deep antiquity.

Unknown to most North Americans, this land has its own prehistoric pyramids, as well as a full-scale replica of Stonehenge, not in ruins, but as it appeared when new. Beyond these unsuspected parallels with the Old World, North America abounds with natural and man-made locations of unique and profound spiritual powers. Largely unrecognized, sacred sites occur throughout North America, sometimes, in our own backyards.

The purpose of this guidebook is to acquaint readers with these domestic sites in the West; to define their numinous qualities and help readers tap into their special energies.

There are growing numbers of books about sacred centers on the market. SACRED SITES OF THE WEST stands out from the rest in that it covers the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of many magical sites unknown even to adepts on the subject. Many guides to mystical centers are written by persons who have never even seen the places they presume to know; their descriptions are often replete with misleading information. Contrary to the remote speculations of these armchair authors, all the contributors to this guidebook describe sacred centers that are intimately known to them, sites which are often near their homes and with which they have been personally acquainted for many years.

Author:       Joseph, Frank, Editor 

TITLE:        Sacred Sites of the West: A Guide to Mystical Centers 

Format:       Softbound, 173 pgs.

Copyright:  1997 

Publisher:   Hancock House 

Condition:  New 

Subject:     Ancient America/Native American Sites

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