Roswell Revisited

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From the Publisher:

"In Roswell, New Mexico, in early July 1947, something strange happened. Something crashed. No one knew what it was, or, if they did, they weren’t telling.

"Col.William Blanchard of the Roswell Army Air Field, told Lt.Walter Haut, the Public Information Officer, to alert the local media. Haut produced a short press release that said that members of the 509th Bomb Group, there in Roswell  had recovered the wreckage of a flying saucer. Haut took the press release into town, delivered it to both, newspapers and  radio stations, and then went home for lunch.

"Hours later Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey, photographed in front of some debris in his office at Eight Air Force Headquarters, said that all the excitement was unwarranted. Nothing had been found but a weather balloon.

"What was it? Why to this day does the Air Force refuse to admit what it really was? Why the lame explanations that explain nothing?

"Today we know more. We have overcome much of the confusion of the last decade, and  we have  some very strong evidence. We have solid eyewitness testimony from  reliable sources, who can prove they were in Roswell at the right time,  they were in a position to know  what was happening, and they have confirmed it.

"Now we need to finish the job, learning exactly what fell, and letting the world in on the greatest Secret of the last thousand years.”

Author: Randle, Kevin, Ph 

TITLE: Roswell Revisited 

Format: Softbound, 176 pgs.

Copyright: 2007 

Publisher: Galde Press 

Condition: New 

Subject: UFO 

Notes Gen: First Edition First Printing 

Notes Used: N/A

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