Plausible Denial: Was the CIA involved in the Assassination Of JFK?



From the Publisher:

The assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 continues to be shrouded in mystery and controversy.  Now, for the first time in almost thirty years, explosive new evidence reveals much about the CIA’s involvement in an event that devastated the entire nation and irrevocably altered the course of history.  In Plausible Denial, Mark Lane, the author of Rush to Judgment, the provocative and bestselling critique of the Warren Commission’s official report on the assassination, makes startling revelations about the CIS’s involvement in a plot to murder the president.

Plausible Denial is the result of documents made available by the Freedom of Information Act and by sworn depositions Lane was able to take from former CIA operatives and officials for a little-publicized libel trial in the US District Court of Miami.

In 1978, when a small magazine published a story by CIA renegade Victor Marchetti linking ex-CIA operative and convicted Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt to the assassination, Hunt sued for defamation.  Lane signed on as defense counsel for the publication, and set out to prove the truth of the fundamental allegations against Hunt and the CIA.  Lane’s investigation uncovered a web of conspiracy and coverup that involved anti-Castro Cubans, Watergate conspirators, and public officials, reaching into the highest levels of the intelligence community – allowing Lane to obtain sworn statements from past CIA heads Stansfield Turner and Richard Helms, as well as David Atlee Phillips, G. Gordon Liddy and Hunt himself.  The forewoman of the jury, Leslie Armstrong, stated that “Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult.  He was asking us to believe that John Kennedy had been killed by our own government.  Yet when we examined the evidence, we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy.”  In the end, the jury found in favor of Lane and his client.

Meticulously documented and compellingly written, this book at last makes public the contents of this historic, yet curiously unpublicized, trial, the only jury verdict directly related to the concept that the CIA was involved in the assassination.


TITLE:   Plausible Denial: Was the CIA involved in the Assassination Of JFK?

AUTHOR:   Lane, Mark


PAGES:   393

PUBLISHER:   Thunder's Mouth Press

FORMAT:   Hardcover  Dust Jacket

SUBJECT:   Conspiracy  


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