Phantom Felines and Other Ghostly Animals

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From the Publisher:

“’Phantom Felines & other Ghostly Animals’ features the best true stories from all over the world, presenting a chilling picture of the many animal spirits that still walk among the living. Some of the tales here will send you to sleep with the lights on, others will warm your heart and put a smile on your face, and still others can only be described as completely bizarre. Many feature cats, which will not surprise anyone who has ever owned one of these mysterious creatures. There is the phantom tabby that routinely haunts a paneled first-floor lecture room of a restored Tudor mansion in Somerset, England. The ghostly cat once made a particularly memorable appearance during a crowed lecture when it entered the room, sat down, curled its tail around its paws—and, like a wisp of smoke, vanished into thin air, giving the crowd quite a shock. From cats, to dogs, to horses, birds, and even wild animals, the true tales in this unusual book, will give you a glimpse into a world that is much closer than you ever realized. So whether you are a devoted pet owner, just love a good ghost story, or maybe even seen a long-departed animal skulking around, this book is sure to chill and delight.”

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Author: Dunwich, Gerina

TITLE: Phantom Felines and Other Ghostly Animals

Format: Softbound, 198pg

Copyright: 2006

Publisher: Citadel Press

Condition: New

Subject: Cryptozoology

Weight: 2 lbs.

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