People of the Web

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From the Publisher:

In this provocative and fascinating book, Dr. Little, leads you on a voyage that answers enigmas that have long perplexed scientists and others interested in ancient and modern phenomena: UFO abductions, Ancient Sacred sites and monuments, purpose of ancient rituals, apparitions of the Blessed Mother Virgin, Near death experiences, Does a spiritual world really exists?  What do rituals really accomplish? What is the Magnetic Net that encircles the Earth?, etc.

“People of the Web, takes us literally beyond ourselves into a dimension of thought—a dimension of time and space—that is on the theoretical fringes of parapsychology and Quantum Physics.  Are you prepared to embark on what may be one of the greatest intellectual adventures of your life?"
--Brent Raynes, Editor, UFO Perceptions

“Perhaps Greg Little’s book will ignite some spark that will burst into flames and become a Rosetta Stone that at last can provide a reliable tool for understanding the hidden past…and move man closer, ever closer, to Light and Understanding…Again the wheel turns, for this is the heart of “People of the Web.”
--Berthold Schwarz, M.D., Author of “UFO Dynamics”

Author: Little. Gregory L.  

TITLE: People of the Web  

Format: Softbound, 229 pgs.

Copyright: 1990  

Publisher: Eagle Wings Books  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: Very Good copy;  there's a little tear at the upper end of the spine cover; other than that a nice copy.

Notes Used: n/a

Weight: 2 lbs.

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