Past Years: An Autobiography [1932]


Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge (June 12, 1851- August 22, 1940) investigated many cases of mediumship, including those of Leonora Piper of Boston, Mass., Gladys Osborne Leonard of England, and Eusapia Paladino of Italy. Through his investigations, he came to accept the reality of mediumship and to believe in the survival of consciousness at death. Much to the dismay of many of his materialistic colleagues in science, Sir Oliver made his beliefs public. (Source

Oliver Lodge became assistant professor of applied mathematics at University College, London, in 1879 and was appointed to the chair of physics at University College, Liverpool, in 1881. During his tenure in Liverpool, he conducted experiments in the propagation and reception of electromagnetic waves. In 1890 a French physicist, Édouard Branly, showed that loose iron filings in a glass tube coalesce, or “cohere,” under the influence of radiated electric waves. To this basic design Lodge added a “trembler,” a device that shook the filings loose between waves. Connected to a receiving circuit, this improved coherer detected Morse code signals transmitted by radio wave and enabled them to be transcribed on paper by an inker. Lodge’s device, first demonstrated before the Royal Institute in 1894, quickly became the standard detector in early wireless telegraph receivers. It was outmoded the following decade by magnetic, electrolytic, and crystal detectors. Lodge also obtained patents in 1897 for the use of inductors and capacitors to adjust the frequency of wireless transmitters and receivers.

In 1900 Lodge was chosen the first principal of the new Birmingham University, and he was knighted in 1902. After 1900 he became prominent in psychical research, believing strongly in the possibility of communicating with the dead.” (Source:

This is his biography.

Author: Lodge, Sir Oliver  

TITLE: Past Years: An Autobiography  

Format: Hardcover, no Dust Jacket, 364 pgs.

Copyright: 1932  

Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons  

Condition: Used  

Subject: Biography  

Notes Gen: First American Edition. Navy blue cloth lettered in gilt. 364 pp. with index; photos. Good condition considering its age. Great book by this famous Psychichal Researcher.

Notes Used: n/a

Weight: 3 lbs.

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