Past and Present with Mrs. Piper’s Mediumship - The Psychic Series (1922)


From the Author:

“The recent great wave of interest in Psychical Research has led me to believe that some account of my personal intimacy and psychic experiences with Mrs. Piper, covering the past decade, would be an acceptable contribution to the literature on that subject, and I have therefore prepared a brief account of experiences following those given in my previous book, Both sides of the Veil.  

When the question of publication arose it was thought best to incorporate this new matter with that published earlier. My former book, however, is now some ten years old, and its contents, outside of the records of sittings, are very different from what is called for by the public’s education in recent years. …While I wish always to preserve the attitude of an investigator, with eyes not blind to the difficulties of the spiritualistic belief, it has seemed advisable to present the facts as they appear, with some explanation as to their significance, but not to becloud them by much theorizing…April, 1920

Author: Robbins, Anne Manning  

TITLE:  Past and Present with Mrs. Piper’s Mediumship - The Psychic Series (1922) 

Format: Hardcover, 280 pgs.

Copyright: 1922  

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company  

Condition: Used  

Subject: Mediumship  

Notes Gen: First Edition.

Notes Used: Very Good copy--well preserved. Pages are tanned; text untouched.

Weight: 2 lbs.

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