Mystery of the Skymen

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From the Publisher:

Of all the UFO experts, Commander Moore has one of the most impressive backgrounds and lists of credentials. His skill in engineering and other sciences, his expertise in history, law and intelligence work, uniquely qualified him to present and evaluate the mass of data presented in this book.

Educated at the US Naval Academy, The American University, George Washington School of Law, etc., he holds B.S. and  M.A. degrees and nearly enough credits for the PhD degree. He is a retired line officer of the U.S. Navy, has specialized in aeronautical engineering, was Patent Engineer and Attorney for the Von Braun team of space scientists at Huntsville, Alabama…..He has been granted more than 50 U.S. Patents on his inventions, mostly on aircraft, marine craft and automobiles

….Due to his basic nature and long military and other governmental service, Commander Moore has a strong sense of duty, and after 25 years of UFO observation and research, he has been influenced by his obligation to mankind, to publish this book.

Author: Moore, Comm. Alvin E., USNR, BS, MA  

TITLE: Mystery of the Skymen  

Format: Softbound large, 256 pgs.

Copyright: 1979  

Publisher: Saucerian Press, WV  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: n/a

Notes Used: Good copy; some tear and wear; small tear on top of spine cover; some edge creases in lower portion of front cover. Has previous owner name on 1st. Page. Text untouched.

Weight: 3 lbs.

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