Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend

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“Features Eyewitness Accounts, News clippings and Previously unpublished Material”

“On the night of November 15, 1966, two adventurous young couples drove into the TNT Area,  north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. What they saw in the countryside that night has evolved into one of the great mysteries of all time: just who—or what—was the Mothman?

"This book will answer many questions regarding just what those couples saw outside the abandoned North Power Plant that night. Culled from a variety of sources, the materials presented inside are not conjecture—the authors are careful not to cross the line between fact and fiction—leaving any decisions regarding the truth behind the Mothman legend, solely up to the reader.

“This collection of rare images is the required volume for all intrigued by the real story behind Mothman. I highly recommend it to all!”
–Loren Coleman, author, Mothman and other curious Encounters”

This was the subject of John A. Keel’s famous book “The Mothman Prophecies” that became eventually a movie in 2002.

Author: Sergent Jr., Donnie & Jeff Wamsley  

TITLE:  “Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend”  

Format: Softbound Large, 164 pgs.

Copyright: 2002  

Publisher:  MSP Publishing  

Condition: New  

Subject: UFO/Cryptozoology

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