Man Made UFOs: World War II's Secret Legacy (New Rev. Ed)

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From the Publisher:

“Are UFOs a military secret? A new and revised edition of this classic book on suppressed technology: the early ‘flying saucer’ technology of Nazi Germany and the genesis of man-made UFOs. While the government wants you to think that aliens are buzzing military bases--sometimes mysteriously crashing their super high-tech craft that had otherwise made it safely across the galaxies—this book presents the overwhelming evidence that most ‘nuts & bolts’ UFOs are made on Earth and piloted by earthlings. reveals the secret technologies German scientists captured at the end of WWII were working on, and takes us right up to today’s state-of-the-art ‘Dreamland’ flying machines.

“Heavily illustrated, this astonishing book blows the lid off the ‘government UFO conspiracy’ and explains with detailed diagrams the technology involved. Examined in detail are: revolutionary German anti-aircraft weaponry development; mysterious night lights over the Rhineland; the amazing make-up of ‘Foo Fighter’ fireballs’ secret underground airfields and factories; the advent of ‘suction’ aircraft; the origin of NASA; gyroscopic stabilizers and engines; the true story of Project Blue Book, and more. Includes a whole chapter on the secret Marconi aircraft factory in South America!”

New Revised Edition; Plus 21 photo pages


Author: Vesco, Renato & David H. Childress

TITLE: Man Made UFOs: World War II's Secret Legacy (New Rev. Ed)

Format: Softbound, 372pg

Copyright: 2007

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

Condition: New

Subject: UFO

Weight: 3 lbs.

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