Killer Chupacabra

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From the Producer:

“KILLER CHUPACABRA. Join the Adventures Beyond film crew in the Rain Forest of El Yunque. The woods in Canovanas and Dorado, and ultimately to a mysterious and dangerous hidden cave deep within the countryside that is said to be the home of the Chupacabra.  Adventures Beyond is the first in depth documentary-investigation on this creature.  Includes exclusive footage and high-tech computer imaging of El Chupacabra, based on eye witness accounts.

“DARK CASTLE: the crew investigates the most Evil and Foreboding Castles in Europe. Hermitage Castle in the South of Scotland.  The Adventures Beyond crew are the only brave souls in hundreds of years to spend the night in a castle reported to be the mos Haunted and Evil Castle in all of Europe.

“GRAVEYARD X: Then it’s off to a very remote and secludes region of the Central Midwestern United States, where strange and unexplainable apparitions have been captured on film coming out of the graves. Through the use of adanced Night Vision technology, you’ll actually sit in on the most dramatic live Séance ever recorded and see the most startling ghost footage ever captured on film.”


TITLE: Killer Chupacabra (Adventures Beyond)

Format: DVD, 70 min.

Copyright: 2005

Producer: UFOTV

Condition: New

Weight: 1 lb

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