Journal of UFO Studies, New Series, Vol. 9

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-A report of the demographics and beliefs of Alien Abduction Experiencers  
by Stephanie Kelley-Romano  

-The effect of the label “UFO” on memory for the ambiguous pictorial stimuli
by J. Steiner and Anthony L. Jinks

-An analysis on multiple UAP photo images (May 23, 1971, Austrian Alps)
by Richard Haines

-Examinations of the trajectories of Anomalous objects imaged during the STS-48 Space Shuttle Mission     by  Lan D. Fleming

-Angel hair physical analyses:  A review    by   Brian Boldman

-Analysis of Angel Hair samples   by   Phyllis A. Budinger

Book Review:  Life’s solution   by Simon Conway Morris

Author: Stuart Appelle, Editor  

TITLE: Journal of UFO Studies, New Series, Vol. 9  

Format:  Softbound, 136 pgs.

Copyright: 2006  

Publisher: Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)

Condition: New  

Subject: UFO  

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