Invisibility & UFOs - Briefing Document - August 2005


From the Author:

“This paper presents sighting reports, witness testimony, and a video, which combine to suggest that alien aircraft have the capability to be invisible. The paper examines reports dating from World War II to the present, which illustrate invisibility to radar, optical invisibility, and directional optical invisibility, according to the angle of observation. The paper also considers events associated with chemtrails and cattle mutilations, as well as abductee reports in which invisibility is inferred. In addition the paper discusses a video, the 1989 Durea sequence, which portrays a craft transitioning into and out of an optically invisible state.  
Finally, the paper examines a proposed technical mechanism to account for UFO invisibility, the bending of light in a gravitational field.”

The Durea sequence video was shown with the spoken presentation on this paper at the 2005 MUFON Symposium.

Author: Douglas, Elaine M., MS  

TITLE: Invisibility & UFOs -  Briefing Document - August 2005  

Format: Stapled, 36 pgs.

Copyright: 2005  

Publisher: J.Schuesler - MUFON  

Condition: New  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: John Schuessler-Mutual UFO Network

Notes Used: From the 2005 MUFON  Symposium Proceedings

Weight: 1 lb.

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