FSR: Vol. 38 No. 4 – Winter, 1993


From the Publisher:

Editor: Gordon Creighton


 The Allagash abductions: Raymond E. Fowler;
 The “Tibetan” Connection: Gordon Creighton; Priority of Priorities: what is being seen over Groom Lake?: Pierre Desbrandes; Secret “Saucer” Sites: Dr. Richard J. Boylan, PhD. ; Yet Once again--reports of "Tiny alien entities" in Malaysia: Ahmad Jamaludin; Comparison of 2 spectacular reports from Chile and China: G. Creighton; More on the “Intradimensional Hypothesis”: Ann Druffel, etc..

Author:  Various

TITLE: FSR: Vol. 38 No.  4 – Winter, 1993 
          The Allagash Abductions: Raymond Fowler;

Format:  Magazine

Copyright: 1993

Publisher: Flying Saucer Review, UK

Condition: Used; light lower left corner crease; text untouched.

Subject: UFO

Notes Gen: Collectible; scarce.

Weight: 1 lb.

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