FSR: Vol. 23 No. 1 – June 1977


From the Publisher:

Editor:  Charles Bowen


A 1967 landing in Madagascar: H. Julien;  Humanoid activity in Epping Forest: D. J. Goring; UFO lands, occupants seen, in Venezuela: Mike Da Silva; UFO, occupants and sex in Colombia: Gordon Creighton, North Staffordshire flap with humanoid: Jenny Randles, “Trident” UFO Report corroborated: Vitor Santos; Encounter on Dapple Gray Lane – Pt. 1: Ann Druffel; “Snail Feeler” enters a room: Ernst Berger, etc.

Author:  Various

TITLE:  FSR: Vol. 23 No. 1 – June 1977 
           A feature of the great United Kingdom Wave...
           Broad Haven School Report by Randall Jones Pugh

Format:  Magazine

Copyright: 1977

Publisher:  Flying Saucer Review, UK

Condition: Used; Very good condition, nice and clean text, but has a light scratch across front cover corner

Subject: UFO

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