From Atlantis to the Sphinx: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient World

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“Colin Wilson has done it again! Yet another tour de force and a wonderful study on human perception that will be much talked about for years to come.”
-- Robert G. Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery

In this book Colin Wilson presents an interesting thesis: an ancient civilization, popularly known as ‘Atlantis’, inherited its advanced culture to other ancient civilizations as colonies, before disappearing in a worldwide catastrophe. He examines old maps, documents, archaeological records, and historical writings, to demonstrate that humankind is older than it is assumed, and that Atlanteans were the precursors and teachers of the Egyptians, Aztecs, and Mayas, etc.
The author also affirms the existence of a collective human consciousness that allowed ancient peoples to work smoothly with other members of their groups. His most interesting (and credible) statement is that the Sphinx shows signs of water damage, an indication that it is much older than "experts" say, as the recent discoveries of Robert Schoch, Boston University Geologist, prove.

Author:       Wilson, Colin 

TITLE:       From Atlantis to the Sphinx: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient World 

Format:     Hardcover, Dust Jacket, 370 pgs.

Copyright:  1997 

Publisher:   Fromm International Publishing  Corporation

Condition:   New 

Subject:      Ancient Civilizations 

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