Flying Saucers Fact of Fiction?

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From the Publisher:  

Twelve year research of U.F.O.’s in our skies, revealed by the top Scientists, Astronomers, Air Force personnel, and technical observers.

Currently Miller holds memberships in many local and overseas UFO and space groups, including: The British Interplanetary Society, Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, The Meteoritical Society, Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New Zealand, and associate member of the American Rocket Society. He founded Flying Saucers International in 1952 and still operates it as a non-profit investigation unit, delving into all facets of Unidentified Flying Saucers.

Author: Miller, Max B.  

TITLE: Flying Saucers Fact of Fiction?  

Format: Softbound, 128 pgs.

Copyright: 1957  

Publisher: Trend Books  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: Trend Book, #145.

Notes Used: Magazine format; reader; too many condition issues to detail (creases, tear and wear in cover--but intact & readable).

Weight: 1 lb.

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