Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy

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“Now the greater truth emerges. Professor Schellhorn as skillfully demonstrated the large body of evidence that suggests extraterrestrial visitors have long been occupied with visiting our planet, biologically engineering the development of man, and directing certain control cultures such as the early Hebrews. Using his own research and new evidence from scholars involved in Near Eastern studies, he uncovers the forgotten meaning of certain key biblical words that prove incontestably that the extraterrestrials mated with early man and continued their involvement with mankind in a “Great Experiment” that is still continuing today.  

The return of a Messiah “out of the clouds” is not a metaphor but fact—and that Messiah’s “army of heaven” is not only truly extraterrestrial, but has been here before.  Amazingly, one cause of the catastrophic Earth changes prophesied to occur during “end times” and mentioned in the Book of Revelation was known to the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians—“Wormwood”. But the Babylonians knew it was the planet Marduk and its satellites and calculated its return.
Thus, mankind will soon be tested in trials by fire—with the promise of Scripture that the Messiah and his extraterrestrial host will be standing by to offer assistance to those who will listen.”

TITLE:  Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy  

Author: Schellhorn, G. Cope  

Format: Softbound, 427 pgs.

Copyright: 1997  

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Subject: UFO  

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