Diane - She Came from Venus and… Why We are Here (2 golden Age of Flying Saucers Classics)

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From the Publisher:

“Greetings from the Space Brothers…the Golden Age of Flying Saucers revisited!  The idea of a rocket traveling beyond the boundaries of the Earth gravitational pull was just emerging on the public scene. Reports of flying saucers were appearing on front pages everywhere. An entire fleet of UFOs was even said to have passed over the White House and jet fighters were sent aloft only to be left behind when the unknowns accelerated.  In California, a New Age movement focused on peace, promoted to a large extent by individuals claiming face –to-face contact with Angelic extraterrestrials traveling to Earth with a spiritual message.  Most of these Contactees, as they were known, were men, but two women emerged as leaders of the flying-saucers-are-here faction: Dana Howard and Gloria Lee.

"Dana Howard had a profound knowledge of the mystical she had true understanding of the many problems that beset Mankind...her contacts heralded the coming of the interplanetary communications as told in her book ‘Diane-she came from Venus.’ Gloria Lee became entranced with the study of esoteric science. She made contact with a being who said he came from Jupiter and they had telepathic communications until her life ended sadly when she went on a 66-day fast because the authorities refused to participate in a dialogue which might--Gloria felt--bring about total peace on Earth. Her book ‘Why we are here’ may explain what transpired in this story.”


Author: Howard, Dana / Gloria Lee

TITLE: Diane - She Came from Venus and… Why We are Here (2 golden Age of Flying Saucers Classics)

Format: Sofbound, large size, 183pg

Copyright: 2011

Publisher: Global Communications

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Subject: UFO

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