Creatures from the Inner Sphere (Formerly titled The Dragon & the Disc)


From the Publisher:  “Visitors from Outer Space and their Legacy”

“A book for those who are not afraid to look and to believe!”—Baltimore News American

“A startling investigation of the totally fantastic”

“What lies behind the two all-pervasive forms that have imprinted  themselves on the mind of  man? What mysterious events before the dawn of history, changed  the course of human life on Earth? Why does official science still refuse to recognize the proven sightings of sea monsters and UFOs that still occur all around the world today?  And what does all this mean about our past, our present , our future?

These are just some of the fascinating vital questions answered  in one of the breakthrough books of our time.”

“Outstanding!”—New Hampshire News

Author: Holiday, F. W.  

TITLE: “Creatures from the Inner Sphere” (Formerly titled The Dragon & the Disc)  

Format: Paperback, 256 pgs.

Copyright: 1973  

Publisher: Popular Library  

Condition: Used  

Subject:  UFOs/ancient visitors  

Notes Gen:  With startling photographs!

Notes Used: Good condition; age tanning on pages; text untouched.

Weight: 1 lb.

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