Commander X's Guide to Incredible Conspiracies

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From the Publisher:

Conspiracy Journal Presents: What they don’t want you to know!  Shocking Revelations!

Conspiracies abound! As an insider, Commander X has been involved in many of them, and now he is ready to reveal ALL.  Many have called him the “Cosmic Deep Throat” for his revelations concerning the New World Order, Area 51, UFOs, ET’s and the Conspiracy of Silence, Mind Control, Suppressed Science and other shocking truths kept from the public.

Featuring such world-renowned authors as:
  • Tim Swartz - author, Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.
  • Mark Hazlewood the man responsible for the Planet X scare.
  • Brad & Sherry Steiger whose 100 plus books are in every New Age occultists library (Brad is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast radio).
  • Branton, known for his Nazi UFO theories.
  • Sean Casteel, author UFOS, PROPHECY AND THE END OF TIME. Plus tons more stuff. Its lots of serious fun for every conspiracy buff (some of these nobody has heard of before).
Plus:  Kenn Thomas, Peter Robbins, Tim R. Swartz, Christi Verismo, William C. Kern, Timothy Guy, Juan Carlos Mallory, Wm. Michael Mott, Tim Beckley.

This book is sure to have you questioning everything you thought you knew to be true!

Author:      Commander X, Editor 

TITLE:        Commander X's Guide to Incredible Conspiracies 

Format:      Softbound Large, 120 pgs.

Copyright:  2004 

Publisher:   Global Communications 

Condition:   New 

Subject:       Conspiracy/UFO 

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