Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFO [Inscribed by Author]


From the Publisher: 

“Close Encounters with UFOs Beyond Earth”

“Flying Saucers over America now—A Documentary report.”

“The latest Gallup Poll reveals 15 million Americans believe they have seen flying saucers. Not aircrafts, not meteors, not migrating birds, not high altitude balloons, not Venus, not swamp gas, not temperature inversions, not ball lightning, not  multiple-witness hallucinations, not  plastic garbage bags lit by candles—BUT AUTHENTIC SIGHTINGS OF UNKNOWN, UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS BY PILOTS, RADAR EXPERTS, POLICE OFFICERS, ASTRONAUTS AND OTHER TRAINED OBSERVERS.”

“Couple of level heads look at UFO Phenomena” -- Los Angeles Times

Author: Blum, Ralph and Judy  

TITLE: Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFO  [Inscribed by Author]

Format: Paperback, 248 pgs.

Copyright: 1978  

Publisher: Bantam Books  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: Inscribed to ‘the UNARIUS family’ by author

Notes Used: Out of print.  Signed

Weight: 1 lb.

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