Behind the Flying Saucers (Updated Edition)

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From the Publisher:

“Were 16 alien bodies recovered from a dome shaped device that crashed near the town of Aztec, NM circa 1948? Why does the FBI continue to withhold 200 pages of classified material on the case, for alleged “national security reasons”?  Was the incident covered up with a camouflaged “front story” presided over by con men and scam artists, who were perhaps in the government ‘s pay? Did President Eisenhower make contact with aliens around the same time, thus adding weight to this and other UFO crash cases?

“Frank Scully was a respected journalist, considered trustworthy by people, so he was able to provide a lot of insider information on this case and his book became best seller but also was shrouded in a long time controversy. The Conspiracy Journal is very proud to offer this expanded version of perhaps the most seminal book in the history of the unexplained. For years the Aztec case was spurned by serious researchers who did not have access to all the information now available on the crash. In addition to the reprint of the entire book, this one contains interviews with top investigators like Nick Redfern, Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, Stanton Friedman and Art Campbell by Sean Casteel."

Conspiracy Journal and bonus section; Updated Edition


Author: Scully, Frank

TITLE: Behind the Flying Saucers (Updated Edition)

Format: Softbound, large size, 214pg

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: Global Communications

Condition: New

Subject: UFO

Weight: 2 lbs.

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