Before the Pyramids: Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery

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“A journey into the science of Stone Age…reveal fragments of a lost civilization”

“Who created the greatest wonder of the Ancient world? Egyptian’s builders, as this astounding investigation reveals, were inspired by a civilization at least a thousand years older than their own.  ‘Before the Pyramids’ throws dramatic new light on how the immense burial monuments of the Pharaohs at Giza, were conceived and constructed, and why.  In a series of revelations that shatter modern doctrines of Archaeology and religious history, Knight and Buttler show how: The Pyramids were built as a gateway to the heavens and on a precise astronomical model of the constellation of Orion. Measurements used at Giza required an exact knowledge of the Earth’s dimensions—2,000 years before they were calculated.  The Plan of the Pyramids is not original. It is, the authors say, copied from another sacred site more than a millennium older—in England.”


Author: Knight, Christopher & Alan Butler

TITLE: Before the Pyramids:  Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery

Format: Hardcover, dust jacket, 271pg

Copyright: 2009

Publisher: Watkins Publishing,London

Condition: New

Subject: Ancient Astronaut

Weight: 2 lbs.

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