Atlantis Rising: A True Story of a Submerged Land Yeterday and Today

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From the Publisher:

For centuries scientists and philosophers have speculated on the great cataclysm that destroyed, once and for all, the utopian civilization of Atlantis.

Once and for all?

Not according to facts presented here for the first time.  Primary documents, photographic evidence and revealing testimony, all point to an inescapable, altogether astonishing conclusion.

“Atlantis is still out there”—says National Fish and Wildlife Foundation executive director Amos S. Eno—“It’s still down there. And Atlantis not only exists, it thrives.”

Sullivan reveals evidence even more startling than that contained in his myth-shattering Flight of the Reindeer: the true story of Santa Claus and his Christmas  mission. Set upon his Atlantean quest by Amos S. Eno, and lured further and further on by the mysterious oceanographer who calls himself “Atwater”, Sullivan is able to separate historical truth from mere legend, fact from fiction, science from silliness.

Delving into the historical record, then into secret files that have long been under lock, and key at the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, he discovers rare transcripts, documents, maps, and incredibly, photographs. They are all in this book, along with paintings by the renowned natural-history artist Glenn Wolff.  It adds up to an astonishing tale and a powerful moral.”

Author:      Sullivan, Robert 
                Drawings by Glenn Wolff

TITLE:       Atlantis Rising: A True Story of a Submerged Land Yeterday and Today 

Format:     Hardcover, large, Dust Jacket, 95 pgs.

Copyright:  1999 

Publisher:   Simon & Schuster 

Condition:   New 

Subject:       Ancient  Civilizations 

Notes Gen:  First Edition, printed in England. High quality paper. Fictional story.

Notes Used:

Weight:       3 lbs.

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