Asian Origins of African Culture Asian Migrations through Africa to the Americas

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Graeme Kearsley is an architect who has maintained a life-long interest in archaeology. He was born in New South Wales in Australia, and begun his architectural training at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. After 5 years he traveled to the U. K. and after some years recommenced his architectural studies at Thames Polytechnic (Greenwich University) where he graduated in 1977 with first class honors.

In this book he examines the evidence for Asian migrations through Africa and their relationship to the Asian cultures in the Americas. He is the author of Maya Genesis and Inca Origins

Chapters include:
  • The Great Fertile Crescent, Climate Change and Migration;
  • Desertification and Dispersal Throughout the Greater Fertile Crescent;
  • Ethiopia and Migrations in Africa;
  • Evidence of Archaeology and Metallurgy in East Africa;
  • Ancient Incursions into East Africa from India and Indonesia;
  • Zimbabwe—A Trail of Gold from Mozambique by way of Sofala;
  • A New Archeological Age at Zimbabwe;
  • The Moon, Mountains, and Cultural Transfer from Asia;
  • Later Transfers of Polynesian and Indonesian Customs in Africa;
  • Ritual and Artefactual Transfers from South Asia and Oceania;
  • Iron Before Bronze—Metallurgy in African Traditions;
  • Serpent Slayers, the Savannah and Blacksmiths;
  • Ironworking Traditions—From Dogon to the Ammuru in Africa;
  • Traditions of Pygmoids and Dwarfs in Asia, Africa and the Americas;
  • The Equatorial Extension of Tiki and Related Myths Worldwide; more.
Front cover illustration: A section from an ancient wall mural preserving a period in time when Asian and European peoples—men, women and children, herded their cattle from the expanses of Arabia across into the vast expanse of the Sahara to the Atlantic.  Tissoukai, Tassili, Central Sahara, 3500-1000 B.C.


Author:           Kearsley, Graeme R. 

TITLE:            Asian Origins of African Culture Asian Migrations through Africa to the Americas 

Format:        Softbound, 897 pgs.

Copyright:     2010 

Publisher:     Yesraek Publishing, London 

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Subject:       Ancient Civilizations/Archaeology 

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