Antigravity & the World Grid

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From the Publisher:

“Is the Earth surrounded by an Intricate Electromagnetic Grid Network offering Free energy?”

In this unique and startling book, you will discover:
  • The Geography, Mathematics and Light Harmonics of the Earth Grid
  • The purpose of Ley Lines and Ancient Megalithic Power points sited on the Grid
  • Scientific grid explanations for noted world-wide gravitational-Magnetic anomalies
  • The secrets of the Philadelphia Experiment, Coral Castle, Time travel and other mysteries
  • Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Bruce Cathie, and others on the Energy of the World Grid
  • Acoustic Levitation of Stones, Diamagnetic Gravity Vortices, the Frequency of Gravity, and more on gravity control and how UFOs use the World grid
  • International Harmony Based upon a music of planetary grid systems.
  • Secret government Anti-Gravity experiments and suppressed technology
  • Tesla shields, Stars Wars and Scalar Wave Weaponry
  • Anti-Gravity Patents, UFO propulsion Diagrams, Comix and more!

Author: Childress, David Hatcher, Editor  

TITLE: Antigravity & the World Grid  

Format: Softbound, 267 pg.

Copyright: 1992  

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press  

Condition: Used  

Subject: Science  

Notes Gen: n/a

Notes Used: Very Good copy.

Weight: 2 lbs.

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