Abduction: The UFO Conspiracy - Signed by Author


From the Publisher:

“UFOs are real. You may not know it but the government does.
And they’ll stop at nothing to keep you in the dark…
There is something out there. And it’s a lot closer to Earth than you know.”

UFO Abduction: The UFO Conspiracy
The explosive UFO novel by David Bischoff- author of’ Wargames’ and ‘The Selkie’.


Professional skeptic, advisor to Project Blue Book, superstar of the lecture and TV talk-show circuit, Dr. Everett Scarborough has devoted his life to demolish the “myth” of the UFOs. But now somebody has changed his original reports. Somebody has murdered his former partner. Somebody is about to stage a celestial kidnapping of his daughter. That somebody may be alien—or all too terrifyingly human. And Scarborough has nowhere on Earth to hide.”


Author: Bischoff, David  

TITLE: Abduction: The UFO Conspiracy  - Signed by Author  

Format: PB, 328 pgs.

Copyright: 1990  

Publisher: Warner Books  

Condition: Used  

Subject: UFO  

Notes Gen: Signed by author

Notes Used: Very nice copy

Weight: 1 lb.

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