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We specialize in UFO and extraterrestrial books, and also offer a wide selection of titles covering topics including, but not limited to, ancient astronaut theory, crop circles, secret societies, hollow earth, cryptozoology, and various supernatural and paranormal phenomena.  Our book and media selection includes new, second hand, out of print, rare, and collectible titles. 

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Ever since we can remember we have looked up to the night sky and wondered about the existence of life in other worlds.  The idea of civilizations in other planets and dimensions was quite natural for us.  News reports of unexplained aircraft and visitors from outer space grabbed our attention and sparked our curiosity from a very early age.

Our deep curiosity about reports of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena turned into a quest that led us to read hundreds of books, travel, and meet witnesses, explorers, and authors from around the world.  In the mid-1980s we joined Arcturus Books Service founder, Robert Girard (1942-2011), in a mission to provide fellow seekers from around the world with a one-stop mail-order book service where they could find a breadth of literature on unexplained phenomena.

After Robert’s passing in 2011, Arcturus Books, which ultimately became ARCSTAR Books, has been run by his wife and her son. They felt it would be best if an organization like MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) bought and ran ARCSTAR. We believe that people need a place to go to get excellent new and used books on the UFO subject. We hope you join us in our journey and become part of the ARCSTAR Books community.  




We do what we say and we say what we do.  Honesty is at the core of our service.  Our first priority is to deliver on our promise to you and provide you with a delightful service experience.  We want you to enjoy your books and visit us often.

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We believe in reducing waste and re-purposing materials whenever possible.  To this end we repurpose boxes, cardboard, paper, and plastic to carefully package your orders to ensure all items get to you in the same condition they leave our premises.