Never Cease from Exploration… June 05 2013, 4 Comments

In June of 1980, Bob Girard (1942-2011) started Arcturus Books Service in upstate New York—33 years ago to the day. Being an ardent student of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena, he conceived his service as a way of being some sort of a supermarket where seekers and researchers in these fields could find all of the books they ever wanted to read in just one place. He became a scout of old and new books—which he would later offer in his mail-order catalogs with a sincere wish to provide people with the best there was in print regarding these subjects.  As his old customers know, he was himself a seeker at heart and a collector of all available literature in his times. 

In his first catalog in June of 1980, 33 years ago, Bob wrote: “…We don’t have to describe the thrills to be found in reading UFO literature; we feel sure that you already know many of them.  We have noticed this, howeve­r, in our own 25 years plus interest in UFOs and their literature: that as one’s interest in UFOs deepens, one is led into other fascinating areas of study through the study of Ufolit.  To adopt a truly panoramic understanding of flying saucers, one must study such allied areas as Astroarchaeology, Astronomy, History, Mythology, Parapsychology and Religion.  Through Ufolit, one’s personal vision can expand in many ways, and the entire course of one’s life may be changed—for the better.” 

It is in his same spirit, and honoring his late wishes, that we have decided to continue his work, in presenting you with ARCSTAR Books, to serve the same purpose as Arcturus Books did. 

Just like Bob did many years ago, we are embarking on a new journey.  Our decades of exploration and experience with Arcturus Books have taught us many lessons, yet in many ways we have arrived where we started.  We are off to a new adventure…we invite you to join us.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”  - T.S. Eliot


First Catalog 1980